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 Rules of The Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of The Forum   Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:19 am

1. Under absolutely no circumstances will any kind of discrimination, harassment, bullying, etc. be tolerated on this forum, between it's members.

2. This is an open space for creation and conversation. Any and all plot line pathways and subject matters are open for use. That being the case, sensitive and/or NSFW content may make itself known. If potentially triggering or otherwise questionable details arise or may arise in the future, PLEASE label your thread with a Like a Star @ heaven , and list the triggering content in the story log.

3. Exclusive threads are more than welcome. To make a thread exclusive, include the name of the additional member(s) as follows. "A New Life :user1, user2:"

4. No spam.

5. All New stories must have an additional Story Log in the given location. The Story Log must consist of the following;

Story Line Title
Story Line Description
Triggers and/or NSFW Warnings
Documented Characters Involved (Preferably full character skeleton)

6. There is a three strikes system implemented into this forum. Two warnings will be issued upon severe violation, and the third offense will warrant a temporary ban. Upon your return, should another offense occur, you will receive a perma-ban and will not be welcome back on the forum.
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Rules of The Forum
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